TIPP 20 Trendmicro Worry-Free WFBS-100-WIN-ALL-Patch-1559.exe released

Was ist NICHT neu – Immer noch kein Windows 10 1903 Support

What’s New This release includes the following enhancement and resolves the
the following known issues: 2.1 Enhancements
There are no enhancements for this patch release. 2.2 Resolved Known Issues
This patch resolves the following issues: Issue 1: (SEG-48748)
The URL filtering feature may not be able to block
certain URLs.
Solution 1: This patch updates the UMH module to ensure that the URL
filtering feature works normally. Issue 2: (SEG-47383)
An error occurs when users save changes to the Scheduled
Scan settings.
Solution 2: This patch updates the information in the database to
resolve this issue. Issue 3: (SEG-47596)
Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) Server 2019 appears as „Windows
Server 2016″ on the Worry-Free Business Security web
Solution 3: This patch adds Windows Server 2019 to the mapping list. Issue 4: (SEG-47699)
There is a typographical error on the „LiveStatus“ page
of the Worry-Free Business Security web console.
Solution 4: This patch corrects the typographical error on the
„LiveStatus“ page. Issue 5: (SEG-49559)
An error occurs during Remote Installation.
Solution 5: This patch prevents the error so Remote Installation
proceeds normally. Issue 6: (SEG-49803)
The Device Control feature may not work under certain
Solution 6: This patch updates the Behavior Monitoring module to
ensure that the Device Control feature works normally.