TIPP 15 Trendmicro Worry Free Patch_B1531 released

  • What’s New This release includes the following enhancement and resolves the
    the following known issues: 2.1 Enhancements
    There are no enhancements for this patch release. 2.2 Resolved Known Issues
  • This patch resolves the following issues: Issue 1: (SEG-45016)(SEG-44437)
    Microsoft(TM) Office(TM) and Google Chrome may stop
    unexpectedly on some protected computers.
    Solution 1: This patch updates the Worry-Free Business Security
    drivers to prevent this issue. Issue 2: (SEG-46028)
    Users do not receive violation notifications.
    Solution 2: This patch ensures that users receive violation
    notifications normally. Issue 3: (SEG-45547)
    The Security Server Master Service stops unexpectedly
    while saving information in the database if the
    information is in the wrong format.
    Solution 3: This patch improves the error-handling mechanism to
    enable the Master Service to handle this scenario. Issue 4: (SEG-40213)
    The Security Agent receives invalid authentication
    requests from the Security Server.
    Solution 4: This patch resolves the issue by updating the encrypt
    function on the Security Server.

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